Odesa region. Single-mandate district No. 138
Candidates District Election Commission Proxies of candidates
Extraordinary parliamentary election on 26.10.2014
As of 29.03.2019 23:30:36
Centre urban locality Shyriaieve
District boundaries Ananíiv, Berezivka, Ivanivka, Liubashivka, Mykolaivka, Shyriaieve districts, part of Kominternivsíke district (precincts No.510473 Ė 510498, 510521, 510522)
DEC location Lenin str., 104, urban locality Shyriaieve, Shyriaieve district, Odesa region, 66800

Phones (04858) 2-10-81, 2-10-64
Number of precincts 242
Estimated number of voters 150 862

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