The CEC requests foreign states and international organizations for careful selection when deciding to deploy official observers

The Central Election Commission takes a consistent position on minimizing the risks and threats of  the Russian intervention in the upcoming presidential elections on March 31, 2019. Therefore the Commission brings to the attention of all foreign states and international organizations intending to monitor the electoral process, that according to the Ukrainian Law "On the peculiarities of state policy to ensure Ukraine’s state sovereignty over temporarily occupied territories in Donetsk and Luhansk regions" the Russian Federation is recognized an aggressor state, committing a crime of aggression against Ukraine  and temporarily occupying parts of its territory.

Besides, the CEC emphasizes that Ukraine has criminalized the border crossing aimed at harming the state interests. Criminal liability will also be facing those trying to enter Ukraine when banned from the entry, or if they represent the armed forces or other law enforcement agencies of the aggressor state and  enter outside the defined checkpoints, or at valid checkpoints but without proper documents or with inaccurate ones.

In this regard, the Central Election Commission requests foreign states and international organizations to take into account the above information when deciding to deploy their observers.

Department of media interaction
Secretariat of the Central Election Commission

January 23, 2019