For the attention of mass media!

Procedure for accreditation of mass media representatives at the Central Election Commission   

Every national and foreign mass media without exception is liable to accreditation for the events carried out at the Central Election Commission. 

Furthermore foreign mass media representatives should be appropriately accredited at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs prior to the accreditation at the Central Election Commission. Number and date of that accreditation should be mentioned in the application addressed to the CEC. 

For a permanent accreditation (for the period of arranging and managing  Ukrainian presidential election on January 17, 2010) along with issuing relevant accreditation cards it is required to send an application-letter printed on a letterhead of a mass media and addressed to Volodymyr Shapoval, Chairman of the Central Election Commission, stating a request to accredit appropriate individuals.

The letter should be signed and sealed by the mass media administrative head and sent to the following address: Ukraine, 01196, Kiev, Lesia Ukrajinka Square, 1.

For the purpose of speeding-up the issuance of accreditation cards an application may be sent to the e-mails of the CEC Department for Mass Media Cooperation:
Fax: 254-36-92.

Officials of the CEC Department for Mass Media Cooperation implement the accreditation.

Contact phone numbers: 256-82-80, 256-81-72 and 286-80-71. 

Contact persons: Olena Tereshchuk and Kostyantyn Hivrenko.

Situational accreditation (for a particular event) is available over the phone (see the above mentioned numbers).

For the attention of the TV company administration! In order to carry all necessary gear and equipment to the CEC Press-Centre freely it is required to submit an application paper first along with a list of proper equipment. Furthermore in case of locating MBS (mobile broadcasting station) and other TV automotive engineering at the CEC courtyard it is also obligatory to submit an application along with a list of proper equipment till January 14, 2010.

Note. Sessions of the CEC, press conferences and briefings with the participation of the CEC Chairman and its members will usually take place at the CEC press centre on the 2nd floor (1st floor – under European standards). Address: Lesia Ukrajinka Square, 1).

Journalists enter the building of the Central Election Commission only on presentation their accreditation cards and lists certified by the CEC Department for Mass Media Cooperation as well as the IDs.

To get into the building of the Central Election Commission one should pass a check-up procedure at the central entrance (side of Lesia Ukrajinka Square).
During the check-up procedure security inspects functions of dictating machines, cameras and other technical gear required.


Department for Mass Media Cooperation,
Central Election Commission


November 17, 2009