for the accreditation of official observers from foreign states and international organizations during the second round of Ukraine's presidential elections on 21 April 2019

General information

Ukrainian citizens shall not be accredited as official observers from foreign states and international organizations (hereinafter "the observers").

Citizents of an aggressor state shall not be nominated for the accreditation as the observers.

An individual to be accredited as the observer shall not be nominated  by more than one entity.  

The document enabling the observer to carry out his or her mandate shall be an accreditation card issued and duly approved by the CEC.

The accreditation card is valid upon presenting an identity document.   

Mandate of the observers shall commence on the accreditation date and terminate upon the official release of election results.   

The procedure

1. Documents for accreditation shall be submitted to the CEC within the period from the release of the first round official results and not later than seven days prior to the second ballot day (13 April 2019)

2. Accreditation request shall be directly submitted to the the CEC by a relevant organization or a diplomatic mission of a respective country (accredited in Ukraine) or by mediation of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.   

3. The letter of request signed by the head of a relevant organization / its Ukrainian office or the head of a respective diplomatic institution shall state a type (regular) and a date of presidential elections to be observed (21 April 2019), contact information of a document drafter (name, family name, phone number) as well as the list of nominees (names to be stated in strict adherence to the ID information).

4. A filled application form (see below) and a copy of a valid passport or another ID (photo and personal data page) for each nominee shall be also enclosed to the letter.
5. An international NGO shall also submit certified copies of incorporation documents (charter etc.) confirming its involvement in election observation activities as well as a document to prove its international status (e.g. registration documents in more than one country).

In case of mistakes, inaccuracies or mismatches in the accreditation  documents submitted to the CEC  they shall be returned for correction without taking any preliminary CEC decision.

The Commission shall decide to cancel the observer accreditation when his or her revocation is requested by a relevant organization or a foreign diplomatic institution in a form of a letter properly drafted and signed.

Application form of an individual to be accredited as an official observer from a foreign state / an international organization for Ukraines presidential elections